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Jim Six: Video

Old Pearls and Silverware live - February 5, 2012

Old Pearls and Silverware - January 7, 2012

Rocksalt & Nails - December 23, 2011

This was shot in stereo sound with my iPhone.

Spoon River - October 9, 2011

Jim Six sings Michael Smith's "Spoon River", with Edgar Koshatka on fiddle, Pete Cogan on harmonica and Bo Borland on pedal steel guitar at the Bus Stop Music Cafe in Pitman, NJ. on Oct. 1, 2011.

Odd Man Out - October 2, 2010

New song, "Odd Man Out," performed at Barrington Coffee House, Barrington, NJ, Friday, Oct. 1, 2010 — with Jon Mollenhauer on Dobro and Greg Potter on guitar. Video by Randy Selagy.

Ol'Factory Blues - August 19, 2010

Jim Six, Tom Stackhouse on mandolin, Pete Cogan on harmonica; Aug 14, 2010 at Coffee Works, Voorhees, NJ. (Video by Randy Selagy)

The Man Who Loves You Last - August 16, 2010

"Man Who Loves You Last" by Jim Six
At Coffee Works in Voorhees, NJ, Aug. 14, 2010
Accompanied by Tom Stackhouse on mandolin and Pete Cogan on harmomica.
Video by Randy Selagy.

Older videos online - July 20, 2010

You can find older videos at

Man in the Moon - July 10, 2010

My song, "Man in the Moon," with Greg Potter on guitar and harmony — and some nice audience members singing along — at the Barringon Coffeehouse in Barrington, NJ on July 3. (Video by Randy Selagy)

Shame the Moon - July 10, 2010

My song, "Shame the Moon," performed with Greg Potter's help July 3 at the Barrington Coffeehouse. (Video by Randy Selagy)

Believing You - July 10, 2010

Sometimes you love someone so blindly, you are willing to ignore her indiscretions.

This is one of my newest songs, performed here with Greg Potter at the Bus Stop Music Cafe in Pitman on Jan. 23, 2010.

Video by Randy Selagy.

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